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Submissive positions

Positions to learn..


"Submissive Positions"

Note: A submissive is never to draw attention to themselves by any word or action when in the company of Dominants. To do so demonstrates immodesty in her demeanor and violates the concept of submission to the power of another, constituting a sign of disrespect. A submissive will never place her arms behind her body. To do so hides her hands from the One whom she is addressing and calls undue attention to her breasts. In those positions in which the hands are placed between the breasts in the prayer mode as soon as the submissive is acknowledged the hands will be placed on the tops of the thighs with the palms open and turned upward.

The positions outlined herein should be used only when directed to do so by a Dominant. As described these positions are to be use by a submissive when she is in the presence of and honoring the One to whom she is pledged and whose collar she wears. In those situations in which she is addressing a Dominant to whom she is not pledged or in a situation in which the use of positions is mandated the following modification will be made. The thighs will be kept close together so as to not call attention to herself or her physical gift.

When greeting or being introduced to a Dominant in an informal or public situation the submissive will quickly place the hands in front of the chest, palms together with the finger extended and joined, nod and cast their eyes down. This can be done as subtly as the situation requires.

Kneeling on right knee. Left foot on floor with knee bent. Hands between breasts, fingers extended and joined (prayer mode}. Body erect. Head bowed slightly. Eyes downcast

When excused or dismissed from the presence of a Dominant the submissive will rise, take several steps backward and assume this position, then depart without turning their back on the Dominant until their exit requires it.

Prostration. Buttocks on heels. Hands on floor in front. Forming a triangle with the fingers and thumbs. Forehead resting in triangle.

Kneeling on both knees, thighs spread apart, buttocks resting on heels. Body erect. Hands on tops of thighs, palms upward. Head bowed slightly. Eyes downcast.

Kneeling on both knees, thighs spread apart, buttocks resting on heels. Body erect. Hands between breasts, fingers extended and joined (prayer mode}. Head slightly bowed. Eyes downcast

Kneeling on both knees, thighs spread apart, buttocks resting on heels. Body erect. Hands resting on top of thighs, palms upward. Eyes fixed on Dominant

Dominant seated: Kneeling on both knees, thighs spread apart, buttocks resting on heels. Body erect. Hands resting in lap one on top of the other with palms upward. Head slightly bowed. Eyes downcast unless addressed.
Dominant standing: Standing at Dominant's left shoulder. One pace to the rear and slightly to the left. Hands on top of each other over mons. Eyes downcast unless addressed. Also to be assumed when moving or exiting with Dominant, modified as needed to facilitate movement.

Kneeling on knees, thighs spread apart, body erect from knees up, back straight, body erect. Head slightly bowed. Eyes downcast, arms outstretched toward Dominant being served or presented with physical gift. I.e. beverage, book or anything requested by Dominant

Facing Dominant. Kneeling. Buttocks on heels. Upper body inclined toward Dominant. Arms outstretched palms up. Back of hands in contact with floor. Head and eyes downcast

Facing Dominant. Prostrate. Buttocks raised. Chest and forehead in contact with floor. Arms stretched in front, palms upward.

Kneeling. Buttocks raised and exposed. Upper body resting on forearms. Head down.
(This position is only used when real punishment is being administered. Not to be used for punishment as a part of a scene)

Kneeling. Buttocks on heels. Chest on thighs. Head down. Arms wrapped around knees.
(Form a ball with body} Used in conjunction with punishment position to indicate when
submissive has had all they can take. Use safe word

The only way to learn these, is to practice. I will not enforce all of them, but you need to know them non the less.
Pick two that you really like, when [if] you get with your photographer, pose in two of your favorite positions for some of the pictures.

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